Buckhurst Hill History

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Buckhurst Hill in Essex borders London lying between Epping Forest to the 
North and the Roding to the South.
Lying approx 32 metres above sea level at Latitude 51.6333, Longitude 0.3333.

History of our District (EFDC) explains that the first mention of Buckhurst Hill was recorded in 1135 when a reference was made to 'La Bocherste'.  The same area was referred to much later as 'Bucket Hill' meaning a hill covered with Beech trees.  For more information on Epping Forest District check out the links page.

This website includes war memorial & grave transcriptions from St John's, Buckhurst Hill, census transcription, personal memories of living in Buckhurst Hill, history of churches, pubs and other Buckhurst Hill related topics that are useful to anyone
 interested in history or genealogy.  

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